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Local Government

Town Council meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall located at 2250 E Cumberland Street.

Work sessions are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Town Hall located at 2250 E Cumberland Street.

Board Members

Nathan Ulerick - President         
Rex Snyder - Vice-President 

Gene Gabbard - Councilman 

Dan Wicker - Councilperson 

Brie Pitcock - Councilperson

The Town of Dublin consists of a five-member council to serve as the legislative branch. Members are chosen by the residents of the Town and serve four-year terms and run at large.

The powers of a town council in Indiana to establish policy are quite broad. Essentially, councils may undertake any action related to town business other than those forbidden or preempted by state or federal law. The Town Council may adopt ordinances and resolutions to improve the performance of the town, and they may purchase, hold, and convey any interest in property for the use of the town. The Town Council may also adopt and use a common seal and exercise all powers that are needed for the effective operation of local governmental business.

It is important to note that the Council acts as a body. No member has any extraordinary powers beyond those of other members. While the Council President and Vice President have some additional ceremonial and administrative responsibilities as described below, in the establishment of policies, voting and in other significant areas, all members are equal. It is also important to note that policy is established by at least a majority vote of the Council. While individual members may disagree with decisions of the majority, a decision of the majority does bind the Council to a course of action. In turn, it is staff’s responsibility to ensure the policy of the Council is upheld. Actions of staff to pursue the policy direction established by a majority of Council do not reflect any bias against Council members who held a minority opinion on an issue.

Thank you to WCTV for providing access to the council meeting videos. 

Clerks Office

The Clerk’s office is responsible for customer service to the residents of the ​town, collection of fees, cemetery records, permits and utilities.

Utility collections are Electric, Water, Fire Protection, Sewer and Refuse. Learn more about Utilities here

Street Department

The Dublin Street department is responsible for maintaining the streets for safety of residence. To contact the Street Department concerning: potholes, street light outage, parking issues, snow removal and leaf pickup please select a link below contact the Trustees Office. 


Emergencies: water leaks, power outages can be directed to: Superintendent : Leonard Payne II 765-541-3436

Building Commissioner

Building Commissioner enforces the building and zoning laws of the town, issues building permits and involves the Zoning Board of Appeals when necessary for the betterment of the community. Leonard Payne II 765-541-3436


Zoning Board of Appeals
This board is to enforce, clarify, and offer variances of the town zoning laws. Building Permits are issued through the Building Commissioner: ​This board meets as needed only the 3rd Thursday of a month at 7 pm.  Meetings are advertised as scheduled.

Town of Dublin Permits

Permits must be obtained in person by the landowner at the Clerks office during normal business hours. You may contact the Town office by phone or email or contact Building Commissioner Leonard Payne II 765-541-3436 ​for additional questions.

Permits are required by the Town of Dublin for the following:

General Permits.jpg

Town of Dublin File Share

View meeting minutes, agendas, utility rates, and more with our file share system. 

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