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Town of Dublin Utilities

The Town of Dublin is a municipal provider for Electric, Water, and Fire Protection. 

If you are new to town an application for service must be completed with ID for all adults in the household.

If this is a rental: a Landlord Release form and a copy of lease if applicable to show permission of renter to take responsibility for the property.

Deposits are required per State Board of Accounts for all open accounts for Electric and Water.

Current Deposits are:  Electric $115.00 and Water $50.00. This deposit will stay with the account until it is closed, filed and paid in full.

Payments can be made in the office, by mail, by phone, online or by drop box to the west of the office door. The Office address is 2250 E Cumberland St, Dublin, IN 47335.


Transfer of Service:  A deposit is required for every open account. Once the old account is closed out and paid in full, the deposit will be returned. You are responsible for an account until you notify the town via signed work order to read it out of your name and have paid all charges associated with that account. You need to complete a work order and give 2 business days notice.

Online Payment

Dublin Utilities can now be paid online using PayGov. This is a fee-based service.  A 3% non-refundable convenience fee will be applied to all credit card payments.

Emergencies, Water Leaks, Power Outages can be directed to:

Superintendent Leonard Payne II 765-541-3436 or Nathan Ulerick 765-914-5403.
Meters are read around the 15th of each month, bills are sent out the last week of each month and due to the 1st of the next month.

​You have a 15 day grace period before penalties are assessed and you become subject to disconnect.
If you are on the disconnection list, you will be assessed a connection fee of $30.00 per utility whether you are disconnected or not. All balances must be paid in full no later than the last day of the month to avoid disconnection.  If disconnected you must pay balances in full, including fees prior to restoration of service.  Payment must be made in the office no later than 2 pm during regular business to ensure same day re-connection.

Refuse / Waste Management

Dublin will continue to provide and bill for refuse services. We are currently contracting with Big B Waste Service.  All Dublin residents must continue with the Dublin provided services. Big B Waste Service can be reached at 765-529-2337

Refuse is picked up every Monday by Big B Services. Totes must be placed in designated area by Sunday evening. Only holidays are Christmas and Thanksgiving Day if falls on Monday, or emergency, the pickup will resume the following business day. Trash must be bagged even if placed in an approved container.  Containers must have a lid and sealed tight to discourage varmints. The container must have drain holes in the bottom and handles for easy pickup.

No construction waste, hazardous material or dead carcasses will be picked up. The container must be placed at the designated pickup site for your property Sunday evening and removed from the street no later than 24 hours thereafter.​

​Town Holiday Schedule:  If a holiday falls on a weekend, Saturday will be observed on Friday, and Sunday on Monday.
Observed Holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Western Wayne Regional Sewer District

The sewer for the Western Wayne area is through the district. The handling of solid waste removal, sewer rates and concerns are through the District office at 320 S Plum St, Cambridge City, IN 47327,  765-478-3788. The District supports Dublin, Cambridge City, East Germantown, Mt. Auburn as well as the Industrial Park North on State Road 1.

Members appointed by Town of Dublin are Gary Rubendall, Robert Houghland and Gary Finley.  The meetings are held at the district office, located at 320 S. Plum Street in Cambridge City.

Municipal Partners

Member of IMPA-Indiana Municipal Power Association    


The Indiana Municipal Power Agency was created by a group of municipally-owned electric utilities, enabling them to share power resources and provide electricity more economically to their customers. Visit to learn more. 

Member of AWWA- American Water Works Association


The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is the world’s largest educational and scientific organization dedicated to the promotion of safe drinking water. Visit to learn more. 

Additional Utility Information

Dig-A-Line: Indiana Underground Plant Protection Service evolved to ensure the safety of property owners and servicemen alike.  Please call before you dig to ensure there are no utility lines. They will contact utility providers in the area who will locate and mark any utilities in the area. It is the law and you must call at least two (2) days in advance unless it is an emergency.
1-800-382-5544 or 811. Information that will be needed: County, Township, Street Address, Telephone Number, Name and Title of caller, Best Time to call, Type of Work, Extent of work, Start date and time, Contractor name and address If applicable, 

Boil Alerts: On occasion, the town manager may declare a BOIL ALERT OR ADVISORY for water customers.  Boil water advisories are issued as a precaution with a customer's best interests in mind.  During a boil water advisory, the water is okay for the customer to bath, wash clothes and other common needs.  However, as a precaution water should be boiled for five minutes before eating, drinking or cooking.  State law requires water utilities to issue boil water advisories to ensure high-quality water in the event water pressure drops below 20 pounds per square inch (PSI) in any part of the town's distribution system.  Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) oversees the boil water advisories.  Water pressure drops in a distribution system can occur because of many reasons such as power outages, main breaks, mechanical failure and high demand.
During the boil water advisory, customers will be notified by local news media outlets (local radio and government TV), Post Office, Town Hall and postings on our website.  Also during the advisory water lines are flushed and water samples taken from several sites within the affected area for chlorine, bacteriological and turbidity analysis.  The boil water advisory will remain in effect until water quality tests confirm the water is safe for customer consumption (usually 48 hours from issuance, but could be longer).  Whenever the pressure drops below 20 PSI, there is a possibility that microbiological contamination can occur which means materials from outside the water line gets into the main causing the contamination.  Precautionary boil water advisories are to ensure public safety and it is a responsibility that Dublin Municipal Water Works Utility takes very seriously.

Hydrant Flushing:    
The hydrants are flushed annually to remove sediment from the lines and to insure the hydrants are working properly.  This is an advertised event.  When flushing is done in your area, you may experience low water pressure and discoloration of water.  Let your water run for approximately 5 minutes to clear the lines before doing laundry or cooking.

Power Outages: 
The Town of Dublin is a distribution utility only.  We do not produce and/or sell power.  We are a member of the Indiana Municipal Power Association and purchase our power wholesale and distribute it to our residents.  We maintain the power lines within our community area only and work diligently to keep our resident’s outages to a minimum.  Residents also need to understand that we are restricted in our ability to restore service to our community area.  We are provided service through Duke Energy/IMPA coming into our community and many times, the cause of the outage is beyond our boundaries and outside our control.
If you experience an outage, brown out you can call Leonard Payne II 765-541-3436. This could be a town wide issue or a localized problem, you are our eyes and ears and we appreciate the information. Remember to conserve water during a power outage as our water tower pressure is also affected by the outage.

Common reasons for high usage:
Holidays and/or visitors- added decorations and lighting, hosting holiday or family events, additional persons in the home or utilizing your facilities (washer/dryer/shower).
Have you remodeled or done work to your property?
Older appliances going bad and pulling more power, or needing to have coils cleaned. Unplug when not in use.
Extreme outside temperatures and humidity. Even if you leave your thermostat set on one setting, in extreme weather, your furnace or air conditioner must come on more often or work harder to keep your home at that temperature setting.  During winter months, caulk around windows and doors, insulate or make other changes to help conserve energy.
Water leaks can be as simple as checking under your sinks for dampness or repairing a leaky faucet. A small constant drip can use hundreds of gallons of water over time.
Check your toilet for leaks.  Hard water deposits can build up on your flapper in the toilet tank allowing water to drain out and refill.  A toilet doesn’t use water until the level gets low enough to need refilled.  The best way to check for this kind of leak is to put food coloring or something of color in the tank prior to bedtime without flushing.  When you wake up the next morning if there is color in the bowl without flushing, you have a leak.
If you still have concerns, we can come out and reread the meter, see if there is movement on the meter when no one is using anything or put on a test meter.  The test meter is offered one time free, and after the first test there is a $10.00 fee.

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